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10 Easy Gifts That Look Like You Didn't Forget (+2 Bonus Ideas!)

The holidays are almost here and you've just been really busy. It's hard keeping track of all the gifts you need to pick up. If you've forgotten someone or simply just need an extra gift, we've got your back!

Here are 10 gift ideas to not look like you forgot:

1. Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash

No need to panic even if you still need some gifts and Christmas is practically here! Butterfly 7 is open from 9AM-6PM on Christmas Eve!

Hot Wheels is a classic that every cool kid loves! If cars are not their thing, there are plenty of other awesome toys to select from. Not in the neighborhood? Butterfly7.com offers overnight shipping!


2. Superhero Banks

A great incentive for the kids to save money through the year and show off their favorite heroes! Just a quick paint job and printed logo are needed for this cool DIY gift.


3. Glitter Play Dough

Kids can't get enough of play dough! What better than to have glitter play dough! A fabulously fun gift to play with as a family. 


4. Race Track Mat

For the car crazy kid, why not make a special race track play mat just for him or her! Simply using tape and a little paint, you can create this fun favorite! Not enough time or no crafty bone in your body? Get this awesome Around The City Rug & Vehicles Set!


5. Color Dipped Wooden Utensils Set

It doesn't get easier than this! The perfect present for any chef or food enthusiast! Grab a set of wooden utensils and dip handles into different color paints. Boom!


6. Confetti Tumblers

Another simple little project that would make an amazing gift! Quickly pop into a store and pick up a set of glasses. Dab dots of paint along the bottom for a confetti effect!


7. Colorful Cookies

Who knew already delicious Oreo cookies taking a little dip in a bowl of sprinkles can make them even more magical? Give a row of these as gifts and share the joy!


8. Hot Cocoa In A Jar

Everyone's favorite winter drink ready to share! A quick trip to the grocery store and you'll have a yummy present that'll be the topic of the party. 


9. Fort Kit

Need I say more? Not only will the kids have a blast with this gift, so will the adults! 


10. Cupcake In A Jar

Super simple, but looks and tastes absolutely delicious! Make a quick visit to your favorite cupcake place and place it in a little jar. Voila! Hint: This works for any dessert, really. 


 In case those weren't enough, here are 2 more!


11. Movie Night Basket

Another simple grab and go gift! Duck into your neighborhood Duane Reade or CVS and grab a basket, favorite candies, and snacks to make this amazing gift for everyone!


12. Glove Monsters

Remember all those gloves that the kids lost one of? This easy crafted gift will take care of them! To make things more simple than sewing the eyes and mouth on, try using glue!


There's our awesome list, just in time with only a couple days left till Christmas!

Good luck and Happy Holidays!