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27 Hottest Toys for Holiday 2017

December 11, 2017

27 Hottest Toys for Holiday 2017

Hanging out in a Toy Store can be fun, But shopping for that PERFECT Gift can be a little stressful during the Holidays.  

Here's Our favorite Toys for the Season. 

Special Note: The Ages listed below are the youngest age the item has passed the tests for independent play. 


1) Hape Pound and Tap (Ages 12M+)

2-In-1 Pounding Toy & Xylophone. Toy Perfect for little ones in the pounding phase. BONUS,  The Xylophone is removable. The Parents will thank you.

2). DC Heros Girls Wonder Woman & Invisible Flying Jet (Ages 3 Yrs+)

Didn't we all want to be Linda Carter as a Child. Here's the chance. This invisible Jet changes from a 1 Seater to 2 plus a Defense WW Emblem. Includes 12" Super Hero Figure.  Spin, Linda. Spin!

3). Kinetic Sand Magic Molding Tower (Ages 3 Yrs+)

Great for kids who are builders, beginner sculptors or anyone needing more of a tactile experience. Kinetic sand is dry to the touch but clings together.

(I would say like my Thanksgiving Turkey...But I'm Still Traumatized)

4). Hape Country Critters Play Cube (Ages 12M+)

All-in-One activity play center for those with limited space. Includes Bead maze, Shape Sorters, Ball Rolls, Pounder, and a Maze Puzzle.

5). Zupps Miniature Robots-Heartbeat (Ages 4 Yrs+)

So the Truth is my apartment is too small to have a Dog and a Christmas Tree.  I compromised.  A Charlie Brown Tree...Evergreen Branch with 1 Ornament and All. BUT I got this great Puppy Robot with Light Up Eyes and sounds.  No Poop pick-up for Me!

6).  Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Puppy's A to Z Smart Pad (Ages 18M+)

So Here is the deal...It's Not a Secret...We know there are times you just want your kids to leave you ALONE.  Now you can get a break and encourage learning too.  ABCs, Time, Shapes keeps your little ones occupied while you pick up those Cheerios and Dust balls under the sofa....Yes, we looked.

7).  Magformers Magnetic Tile Vehicles Set- XL Cruiser (Ages 3 Yrs+)

All joking aside...We really love this because it combines Open play, Wheels, and Super Cute Colors and Magnetic Tiles that make a click sound when linked properly.  

8). Hape Band in a Box-Beat Box Set (Ages 3 Yrs+)

Yep, We agree that you will need a set of earplugs eventually.  However you can't deny the positive effect of music on a child's development. So go ahead make the plunge.

The Set includes Rainmaker, Tambourine, Xylophone and Clacker.

Let Little Beyoncé sing and make music.  20 Years from now, make sure I get Album Credit please.


9. Pictionary (Ages 8 Yrs+)

This is a great update to a Classic Game with 3 Ways to play.  We love it for family night.

10). Nickelodeon Shimmer and Shimmer Magformers Magnetic Tiles (Ages 3 Yrs+)

Combine a Magic Carpet, 2 Genies, Magnetic Tiles and a Jewel Tile  and what do you get?  Shimmer and Shine Magnetic Tile Set.  

Bridge the gap between screen time and the real world with STEM.

11). Justice League Batman Voice Changing Tactical Helmet (Ages 4 Yrs+)

This is just so Freakn' COOL!  The Voice Changing Helmet (really a mask) not only changes the wearer's voice but has a light up visor and combat sounds.

12).  Hot Wheels AI Starter Set Street Racing (Ages 8 Yrs+)

You know this one is something special when at 2:25pm the kids are all drooling at the mouth with both hands on the window staring at this.  All I hear is "I'm Gonna Get That!"

A.I. remote control race car system has 3 modes and 3 levels.  Plus the A.I. System senses the track allowing the cars to go at incredible speeds.

13). Hatchimals Peacat (Ages 5 Yrs+)

The Hatchimals phenomenon continues with the introduction of cutest egg bundle yet.

Twin robots that interact with each other and its owner.  They Sing, They Dance and they're soft and cuddly. 

And they come in egg that must be loved and care for to hatch.  

Kinda like Mork from Ork...hmmm

14). Build-A-Bear Stuff Station (Ages 3 Yrs+)

Who doesn't love a build a bear.  Now you can take the experience home with everything you need to bring a new friend to life. Bear, T-Shirts, Heart, Birth Certificate, Stuffing Station and More!


15). Barbie Gabby Douglas Doll (Ages 3 Yrs+)

Every time I see this doll. I hear that National Anthem playing in my head.  Gabby Douglas has definitely "done" the Country Proud. Let's celebrate this SHERO!

1-2-3 Everbody Sing Now:

"...O say can you see, by the dawn's early light..."

(Don't know the words, huh.....Just hum along...)

16).  Hot Wheels Rebound Raceway Diecast Race Car and Track Set (Ages 4 Yrs+)

This made our list because it's a creative hybrid.  We call it the Hot Wheels Pin Ball Machine.  With a launcher, bumpers and target containers, I felt like I was back in an 80's Arcade only it's 2017. 

17).  Meccano M.A.X AI Robot STEM Toy (Ages 10 Yrs+)

Guard, Song Singer, Comedian, Gamer, Robot and more.  M.A.X has customizable programming with infrared sensors that allows him to interact with the environment.

Think about like this.  An affordable little brother with no Private Pre-School cost.

18) Hape All-in-One Kitchen Set (Ages 3 Yrs+)

Live in an Metropolitan Area? The Ultimate Dream kitchen but Pint Size.  Stove, Oven, Dishwasher, Frig, Expresso Maker, Microwave, Built in Chalk Board and More.

Just think.  I only had a hot plate for my first pad.

19). MD Alphabet + Numbers Sound Puzzles (Ages 3 Yrs+)

(Part of Puzzles-Buy Get 1 50% Off Special)

If we are serious about anything, it's providing tools that prepare our toddlers for school.

This combo is the perfect puzzle pair (say that 10 times).  Analytics, Numbers and Letters Sequencing and Sounding.

Embarassing fact but true....Until 1st grade, I thought LMNO was 1 letter.

"...I...J...K....LMNO...P".  I know I'm not the only one.

20). Hape Happy Grand Piano (Ages 3 Yrs+)

Mozart Started somewhere.  Why not start your little maestro with their very own mini grand piano?  Super Cute!

21). TMNT View Master Set (Ages 7+)

Definitely the upgraded model of ViewMaster.  Enhanced experience with smart phone compatibility and apps.  Headphone adapter for added fun.

22). Melissa & Doug Mariana Doll + Feeding Set Bundle (Ages 3 Yrs+)

(Part of the Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Doll + Feeding Set Combo)

Dolls have been some of the most popular items every Holiday.  This year we thought we would make it easy by offering a combo deal.  Plus we love Melissa & Doug.  

23). Hape Balance Bike (Ages 3 Yrs+)

Your Little one has transitioned from a tricycle but not quite ready for a paddle bike.  This push bike is for you.  Helps to build confidence and balancing skills. 

24). Hape Trail Rider Scooter (Ages 12M+)

Why do we love this scooter?  Elegant design, and the modern esthetic. Perfectly balanced alignment and can easily go from the wood floor to the outdoor.

(Ohhh. I rhymed...wood floor to outdoor...get it?  I crack myself up sometimes.)

25). Paw Patrol My Size Look Out Tower (Ages 3 Yrs+)

Plain and simple the Look Out Tower is on every Paw Patrol Fans wish list this year.  
Just a Must Have! Includes Marshall, Chase, Vehicle, Pup packs and the tower.


26). Cars 3 Movie Moves Lightning McQueen (Ages 3 Yrs+)

This Super Duper Vehicle says signature phases from the Cars 3 Movie and has real life headlights that shine.  We especially appreciate the graphic detail on this Fun Toy.

27).Hape Mighty Mountain Mine (Ages 3 Yrs+)

Last but definitely Not Least. The Mighty Mountain Mine is multi-level play-set providing the ultimate wooden-railway experience and includes a waterfall tunnel, an obstacle bridge, a crane, a conveyor belt, repair station and trains!






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