Fisher-Price Development Toy-Twist and Turn Grapes (DRD83)

Here's a juicy twist on sensory and fine-motor-skill-building play for baby. Your little one will stay busy twisting and turning the multi-colored grapes, and feeling the soft leaf with its nubby and crinkly textures. You and baby will love this toy a whole bunch!

Where development comes into play™

Fine Motor — Twisting and turning the grapes help exercise baby's fine motor skills.


Sensory — Crinkle leaf with soft, nubby textures on one side and high-contrast pattern on the other helps stimulate baby's senses of sight & touch

  • Grape fun! Baby can manipulate the colorful twisty grapes, encouraging motor skill development
  • Plush, nubby leaf with crinkle provides tactile stimulation

Category: 3M+, babyinfant

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