Gaby Lost and Found (Hardcover)

A Latina main character, a lovable cast of shelter animals, and a very special friendship give this novel tremendous heart.

Gaby Howard loves volunteering at the local animal shelter. She plays with the kittens, helps to obedience train the dogs, and writes adoption advertisements so that the strays who live there can find their forever homes: places where they'll be loved and cared for, no matter what.

Gaby has been feeling like a bit of a stray herself lately. Her mother has recently been deported to Honduras, and Gaby is stuck living with her inattentive dad. She's confident that her mom will soon come home so that they can adopt Gaby's favorite shelter cat together, and start getting back to the way things used to be. When the cat's original owners turn up at the shelter, however, Gaby's plans for the perfect family seem to fall apart. But she's determined not to let go of her dream so easily.

Author: Angela Cervantes

Scholastic/ISBN#: 9780545489454/224 Pages

Category: 8 YRS+

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