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Hape Wooden Card Game-Story Lines (#6307)

Family game focused on the art of story telling. Players layout cards detailing cause and effect scenarios  for images shown.  

Arrange the cards to complete the cause and effect story. Learning goals

  • Visual perception of details
  • Logical thinking
  • Chronological story telling


  • 3 themed game boards, each with 4 lines of paired images
  • 24 separate playing cards (8 sets coded per theme), printed on both sides 

How to play
Take a game board and the 8 playing cards with the same symbol in the upper left corner. Each board has 4 columns of 2 images. Use 2 of the 8 playing cards for each scenario to show the logical cause and effect. When finished, the 8 playing cards can be flipped down on to the game board. When played successfully, the combined back side of the cards will reveal a large image. 
Once mastered, allow the child to tell the story of each scenario in their own words

Category: 4 YRS+