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Hot Wheels AI Starter Set Street Racing (FDY09)

Hot Wheels® Ai Street Racing Edition puts you in control of high-speed, head-to-head racing so you can rule the streets. Powered by computer-enhanced Artificial Intelligence, these Smart Cars include sensors to help guide your car around the track.

Race against up to four friends or challenge the Ai by placing a vehicle into auto-drive mode. But watch out! The competition will stop at nothing to overtake you and launch virtual hazards like oil spills, tire blowouts and more. Real-time race announcements and sound FX keep you in the heat of the action. Program the gaming controller with your choice of 3 race modes and 3 skill levels: an all-out race in Championship Mode, a race against your fastest lap in Practice Mode or an off-track free-for-all in Freeplay Mode.

Includes 2 high-performance Smart Cars with scale speeds up to 180 mph, 2 gaming controllers with gameplay modes for all ages and 22 pieces of easy-to-connect track – including the all-new T-Bone crash zone – for 32+ race configurations.

Category: 8 YRS+

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