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Klutz Face Painting

Whether you're painting for a party, Halloween, pretend play, or dress-up, Klutz modestly presents the best face painting book ever.

A pallet of bold, bright colors from Wolfe Brothers safe, water-based face paints that go on easily, dry quickly, last beautifully, and wash off easily and simple, detailed instructions, make this the only face painting kit you'll need.

This face painting party pack features simple sponge and brush techniques (and an included sponge and brush), plus tear-out take-along design cheat sheets for painting on the road. With just a little practice you'll be all about making faces.

Includes 58 page book, 6-color palette of Wolfe-Brothers face paints, brush, sponge, 12 tear-out take-along design cards.

Author: The Editors of Klutz

Klutz/ISBN 9781591744306/Pages 208

Category: 8 YRS+