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Meccano M.A.X AI Robot STEM Toy (#6037377) Free Shipping


Meccanno’s M.A.X. robotic kit combines artificial intelligence and customizable programming into a unique learning and playing experience for budding engineers, builders and creators. This innovative 12-inch robotic STEM toy brings kids and parents together for a challenging build that utilizes and develops skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Built-in infrared sensors help M.A.X. navigate obstacles as he explores his new world. This curious interactive robot for kids reacts and responds with realistic emotions, becoming more intelligent the more he is played with. Kids can program M.A.X. to guard their bedroom, sing songs, tell jokes and remember and discuss activities and games they’ve played together. Designed for kids aged 10 and up, this robotic kit makes a memorable gift that kids can grow with.

Category: 10 YRS+

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