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Pictionary Frame Game (BGG32)

In this quick-draw classic, the guesses can be just as hilarious as the sketches, making it the perfect way to get the party started. 

Play in 3 Ways: 

1). Classic Pictionary

2). Mirror Mirror! Use your finger to trace the clue on one side of the window while another teammate follows with the marker on the other side.  As you both draw, your teammates try to guess the clue.

3). Action! Draw your clue and then use the window to act it out.

Includes: 1 Clear Drawing Window, 1 Base (with storage compartment), 1 Timer, 1 Wet Eraser Marker, 150 Cards, 1 Die, 1 Rules Sheet.

Dimensions: 9"x12"x1/2"


Category: 8 YRS+

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