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Thomas Celebration on Sodor Set-70th Anniversary (#CDK47)

It’s time to get ready for a super-special celebration! Take Thomas to the novelty store to get balloons and streamers for the party. Then make a stop at the refreshment stand to pick up snacks and drinks. Finally, get the party started at the ship, where multi-colored ribbon streamer “fireworks” shoot out of the smokestack whenever an engine rolls by. Includes:

  • Thomas
  • The celebration ship with streamers
  • The Sodor Novelty Store
  • The snack stand
  • Track
  • A celebration car
  • Set fits on Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Play Table.
  • Magnets are used to connect Thomas & Friends™ Wooden Railway engines and vehicles to other Thomas & Friends™ Wooden Railway engines and vehicles.
  • Not all engines will work on all sets.

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Category: 3 YRS+